Certified Organic Skincare

Clean and Nontoxic beauty products have a better affinity and effectiveness with the skin

Antioxidant Rich Skincare

<strong>Protect</strong>, <strong>Treat</strong> and <strong>Hydrate</strong> your skin with organic actives derived from nature.

Organic Beauty Care

Medical research proves that organic beauty and skincare products have a better affinity and greater effectiveness with the skin.

Our scientific team has spent years researching the miracle effects of organic extracts on skin. Our bio-active organic beauty care line was specifically created to meet the skincare needs of modern, eco-savvy people. It is based on an exclusive compound – rare and precious Bulgarian Rose Oil. Rose Harvest beauty care is designed to improve skins’ resistance to environmental factors and improve the overall health and appearance of skin by using clean and organic ingredients.

What is in your skincare products?

Every day we use more than a dozen beauty and personal care products containing on average more than 150 ingredients. Many of these products use harmful or harsh on skin ingredients.
While mainstream skincare products still use toxic, harsh ingredients, we are committed to provide to our customers certified organic, clean and effective beauty care.
Rest assured – our products carrying a certified organic logo – are good for you and are safe for the environment.

Certified Organic vs Natural

What is worth it:

Certified Organic

Strictly regulated – product ingredients produced without pesticides, chemicals or artificial fertilizers

An organic product must have between 95-100% organic ingredients

Free of toxic preservatives and chemicals

Effective and sustainable formulated with naturally derived ingredients


There are no regulations regarding the use of the word “natural” or “all-natural”

Comes with no guarantees on the safety of the ingredient list

Can use toxic and/or harmful ingredients and synthetic preservatives

Ingredients might come from endangered sources

Hydrating & Anti-Oxidant

Rose Harvest – Rose and Glasswort.

  • Rose Water Cream

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  • Balancing Flower Toner

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  • Revitalizing Antioxidant Serum

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  • Pure Bulgarian Rose Water

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  • Detoxifying Face Cleanser

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